The Coaching Edge

WHO ? Everyone with a need to thrive and a willingness to change.

WHY ? The world is overwhelmingly complex.

The speed of change in business and technology is accelerating beyond our ability to comprehend.

The level of competition is tremendous.

Cultural hypnosis.

Conscious and Unconscious bias.

Why choose our coaching?

We bring together a unique skill set from combining together Se7en different disciplines which give our clients powerful game changing ways to get control of their actions, get ahead of the competition and meet their full potential in their chosen field. We help you create that compelling vision for the future which enables you to act with true intent of purpose.

We believe that only massive energy can create the massive actions required to change and live with growth mind set for long sustained periods of time. Our training and coaching in Nutritional and Emotional wellbeing gives our clients this powerful edge.

We believe to thrive you need a Personal Philosophy you can live and easily apply , with the clarity of purpose that you can stay on course and stand in your own power majestically.

The teachings of TAEKWON DO and Yoga , give our clients unique insights into self disciplines of powerful ancient traditional teachings used to train the brains of warriors. Today a warrior mind set is valuable for resilience attributes we need to thrive today.

Our business experience owning a highly successful fitness company , has allowed us to help thousands of women lose weight and gain tremendous self confidence back into their lives. Through our unique strength training programmes we get lasting change. Incorpating emontional agility and emotional intelligence training which is underpinned into our methods.

Business and people management skills from our experience running FMCG and small businesses means we can add Fresh New Thinking to any small to medium business growing and needing to change , by adding communication skills, emontional intelligence, leadership, mindfulness, or resilience to the leaders or Teams through one to one or group coaching.

What we offer.

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