Another success story Elaine 49lbs, 70.5 inches, 11% BF Since 1st week June! So proud:) — at Sue Fraser Fitness.

I needed to change my lifestyle, as I didn’t feel great body or mind, so I joined Sue Fraser Fitness. Food was always on my mind; I used to live to eat, but since joining that has all changed. Sue and her team give great support, and helped me get back into fitness. There are many different classes, which are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Sue also gave me a food plan and recipes and no extra charge, weighed me weekly and measured me every three weeks to see my progress. I feel so much better now and you can see by my results it works. Sue and her team are great motivators.

Elaine Keating

For most people who have never practiced yoga, there is an impression of a guru sitting under the tree and meditating. It always makes me smile! Of course there are many kinds of yoga, but Hatha yoga that Susan teaches first of all is a great workout, followed by calm enjoyable relaxation after which I feel full of energy!

When I first joined Susan’s yoga classes 3.5 years ago, I couldn’t do much and suffered from stress-related back pain. In yoga the main exercise tool is your body, and I immediately realised that my fitness levels needed (to put it gently!) to be improved… Today, thanks to yoga (and Susan!), my back pain is gone, I have lost 15kg in weight, my posture and flexibility have improved; generally I fell healthier and …happier. I would recommend it to everyone!

Neringa Peckute

Fav class=Sunday morn GI Jane. Intense all over body workout toning all the wobbly bits. You feel on top of the world after -mentally & physically. The variation & the group team effort spurring everyone on (also have sue pushing your body to the limit)...I kinda feel like GI Jane herself hee hee x

Karen Hobson

My favorite class has to be the Bootcamp - No two classes are the same and I love the variety. Even my least favorite exercises are made enjoyable by the craic we have in class. My body is certainly being put through its paces but all for a good reason. Thanks for all the help and advice Sue & Richella. Looking forward to next class!

Valerie White

My favorite class has to be the Early Bird. While I hate getting out of my warm bed, it’s a great feeling afterwards to have your exercise done for the day before the kids are even awake. Also I’m raring to go by the time I get into work and with the summer evenings (fingers crossed) on the way it will be great to be able to enjoy your evening without guilt.

Elena Gibson

I have been going to Sue Frasers since the beginning, Its hard to pick a favorite but if I had to I'm gonna go with the booty camp its such a good all rounder cardio weights TRX or should I say a bit of everything. Just what you need on a Monday evening so you won't feel so guilty after the weekend. Its always different so you'll never get bored and can always push your self that little bit more...

Paula Finlay

GI Jane class with Sue on a Sunday morning its Hardcore, tough and you feel you got a great all over body workout done while everyone else is on BED! There is also a great sense of community in this high energy class and your never get bored of the routines. To be honest it's hard to pick a favorite class when they are all equally as good as the other. Keep up the great work Sue and Barry

Trish Maloney

So getting up at 5.30am is probable the middle of the night for some and sometimes it feels like it to me but doing the 6.30am class has to be the best feeling ever it sets me up for the day ahead and not only does my body benefit but my job and my homelife also benefit as I’m ready to take on the day after class and then I still have the energy to do something enjoyable with the family come evening time. Early Bird Class definitely the best one yet


Siobhan O Flaherty

When my son was young. He said to me you know when you've seen a great movie. When you can't wait to get home and play the movie over with your little men (aka toy figurines). Never mind little men. My favorite class is GI Jane, because like GI Jane during and after the class we are GI Janes. We start together we finish together. We never leave a Jane behind. Us girls can take on those Joes anytime.

Anita Behan

Sues bootcamps are addictive energetic, exciting and tough. The results are rewarding. The great thing about Sue Fraser Fitness is that sue and her team really care, and everyone who attends her classes are equally supportive. Thanks for everything guys x

Clodagh Small

To pick a favorite class is most definitely a tough 1 as each class works out parts of my body that I want to change & with each class it does just that! Bootcamp though is my favorite as u never know what you're doing boxing/TRX/kettles What I love most is the challenges, without going to Sue's classes I would NEVER of entered or EVEN completed hell and back or even the women's mini marathon. She drives u to succeed!!

Susie McGivney

Hey Sue!!!I have to say a BIG thank you! I`m now 2 stone lighter, twice as fit and I’ve never enjoyed training as much as I now do! As well as getting results you have the best training environment I’ve ever been in. A bright open space filled with happy people, training is no longer BORING! Bring it on you clever girl!!!!! PS. Thanks for 'forcing' me to take up yoga... I love that too...(might even try the dance classes and boot camp next!!!!!) best wishes

John Kelly.... the shy one.

Thank you Sue and Richella. What a great seminar it was today... looooved it. So informative for me in getting the right strategy for becoming a lot more healthier. Will definitely be spreading the word about Sue Fraser Fitness!!

Fiona Nelson

hank you ladies for a fantastic 4 hour workshop last Saturday. It was so inspiring. Looking forward to getting back to full fitness with you guidance and GI Jane classes

Bea Doherty

My favorite class is GI Jane on a Sunday morn. It's hard, pushes you to your limits and you feel great after it. Love getting stronger and faster each week. Hate missing it.

Susan McGrath